Sunday, April 10

Sunny Sunday!

Wow! What a change from last Sunday. Last week it was cold and snowy. Today was sunny and warm. That's Pennsylvania weather for ya.

Has been a busy weekend. We are looking into buying a doublewide, and putting into a mobile home lot. It takes a lot of work. First I have called many mobile home lots to see if they had a space and if it was big enough for the home we want. Then I had to go and look at the lots. Also, have been doing shopping at a few mobile home sales lots. Wow the features in these babies are awesome. I can't believe all the choices. So once again my husband and I will spend time pouring over new pictures and new books.

This weekend was kind of quiet too. My husband was away at drill, and my daughter spent last night at a friends. That meant that my son had no one to bug but me. Yeah! Well everyone is now home again and it is quiet because everyone is getting ready for bed.

My very first sweater was worked on today. I am almost ready to cast the back off of the needles. In other knitting news, I have got to get that turtle done for next Saturday. The birthday parties are at 1:00! Plus on a sad note, if we are to move knitting will have to take the back burner because we own 50 bazillion things that will need sold, given away, packed, or whatever.

For now it is time to cast that sweater off.

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