Wednesday, August 3

The new babies are here!

Yeah! I am happy. I now have two new pets. I got them on Saturday. Their names are Beaker and Honeydew. They are pet.........rats! Yep rats. They are sooooo cute. They are mostly white with some light brown on their necks and noses. I will post pictures soon. I am trying to get them calm and used to our house, so I don't want to freak them out by taking their picture just yet.


Cheryl said...

Beaker and Honeydew!! (tee hee!) hope you have fun with them.. Are you going to make little outfits for them???

Are they little or big and fat?

Missed you at knitting last night!

Heather said...

I cannot wait to see pictures and then see them at your house!

After your hubby builds the ballwinder tell him that he should build Beaker and Honeydew mazes and cheese holders! :D