Tuesday, August 9

Soooooo tired

Well there is sad news to report here. My pets the rats had to go back to the pet store. The one was definately sick, and the other probable. I know some people may say why take them back, just take them to the vet. If they were healthy for weeks or months, and then suddenly became ill I would. I believe they were sick when I bought them. The one had a respitory problem. It was becoming more apparent as the days went by. It was a sad day when I took them back. I did good the whole time I was in the store, but when I went out to the parking lot, I cried. My husband was sooo wonderful. He just held me and let me cry. My daughter was with us and she cried too. I have not given up on having pet rats though. Tomorrow my son and I will be going to look at some newly weened babies. If they are what I am looking for I will purchase them. I am hoping to have more luck this time. I do not wish to purchase animals and return them. I think this time may work out better also because they are babies. The other rats were older, and I was having a difficult time trying to tame them. Well we will see what happens. I will be sure and post pictures if I get some.

In knitting news, nothing is going on. I have been having alot of trouble sleeping again, and my pain levels the last few days have been insane. I have fibromyalgia. I have spent part of Sunday Monday and today in tears because the pain has been just too much. I called the doctor today, and I am going to try a new muscle relaxer tonight. I just hope it works, and I can get some sleep. Well I suppose I have whined enough today. Hopefully the next time I blog there will be pictures of rats or knitting!

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Heather said...

Aw! That's too bad about the rats but hopefully the babies you go see will be just right for the family!