Monday, August 22

Stll here

Yep I am still here. I did not drop off the planet, though there were times last week I would have enjoyed that. As I said in my earlier post, my parents were here visiting last week. We all had a really good time. I am so glad they came to visit. We were able to go to Idlewild and some other fun places. I took my mom for her first visit to a yarn shop. We went to Kathy's Kreations in Ligonier. She was very impressed and enjoyed it. So like I said the week was going well, and then a couple of the worst days I have ever had arrived. Wednesday I had a Doctor appointment which involved looking at my insides for cancerous cells. As I was getting myself ready to deal with that, I noticed that my right side was hurting more than normal. I thought to myself nope this is not happening on today of all days, but it was. I was experiencing another kidney stone. I say another, because this was the 7th time I have had one. This one was particuarly bad too. I ended up going to the emergency room Wednesday and Thurdsday nights. They really can not do anything to make the stones pass, but they were able to give me very nice pain killers. On the second night in the ER, I had two nurses attempt to put IV's in me, and failed. By the time this guy nurse came in, I was bawling like a baby. He used the smallest IV they had and got it in on the first try. I told him I loved him. If you have never had a kidney stone, you can not understand the excruciating pain. I have delivered two babies, and that was nothing compared to kidney stones. Well anyway, I got a call from my Doctor about the appointment on Wednesday. Everything is perfectly fine. No cancerous cells. As for the kidney stone, I am supposed to give it a week to pass. (Really nice let me feel as though I am surely dying for 7 days!) Today has been okay so far. I am not sure if the stone has passed, but there has been no pain yet today. I have my fingers crossed. On the bright side of having kidney stones, I now have in my possesion three different types of prescription pain killers. (Sweet oblivion). And how was your week?
As for knitting, I actually got some accomplished. I finished a gauntlet for me, and almost have a sock for my dad finished. I will try and post some pics tomorrow. My pets are silly silly silly. I swear my rats are part monkey. They hang on the side of the cage and climb around. Well guess that is all for now. Have to go iron (OH Joy OH Joy!).

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