Wednesday, August 24


It is Wednesday! I know what is so exciting about that? Well I have not taken any pain medicine for two whole days! That means my kidney stone has passed. Praise the Lord. Okay I know all of the two people who probable read this are saying so what. Well if you've never had a kidney stone you just don't know(read previous post). So anyway since I am feeling sooooo great, what did I do? Spent all day running around in the car. Boooring. First had to take the kids to their new school, then to the bank, then to Ollies to return an item, next to my son's Doctor appointment, and finally to pick up his script. We are going to try Stratera for his ADHD now. I am sooo dreading the start of the school year. We had sooo many problems last year. I only hope this year goes better. Since I was feeling so fine (HA HA) I showed my daughter how to make meatloaf. Basically, I start with ground beef and throw in whatever strikes my fancy for the day. The family never complains, in fact when I say we are having meatloaf, they all cheer. After that started some laundry. I just finished ironing my husbands uniform. Took a time out to blog stalk and blog, so now I have to finish the laundry. I swear I am going to take time and knit tonight. Plus I will try and have pics tomorrow. Oh yeah got to plan the yummies for Friday night. Knit night at my house!

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Cheryl said...

I am coming and bringing Buffalo Chicken Dip and Tortilla chips! So you can plan around it!! Woo Hoo! I can't wait!!!