Thursday, September 29

Secret Pal Gift

Secret Pal Gift
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Yeah! I recieved my first secret pal gift today. I was sooooo excited. This is the first secret pal exchange I participated in, but I don't think it will be the last. I am really enjoying it. As you can see in the photo, I got a beautiful card, a pattern for the Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf, homemade knitting needles, and some absolutely beautiful Noro yarn. This will be my first time to knit with Noro. Thank you thank you thank you secret pal. I love it. I have a confession to make though; I think I know who my secret pal is. Is this a bad thing? I hope not cause I am really enjoying this. I am also happy to report that the package I sent out for the secret pal exchange was well recieved.

In other news (not nearly exciting as recieving my first gift), I have been working on knitting my wave and shell shawl. It is coming along very very nicely. There is one small problem though. I am using some yarn I purchased on ebay, and of course it arrived in skeins not wound into a ball. I think I am going to need two skeins for the shawl, and so that means talking my son into holding the yarn while I wind it into a ball. I already told him I may need his assistance. He just sighed and asked why me? I told him because he is the best at holding the yarn, and that is true. Everyone else here just runs off when I mention needing someone to hold yarn. When my parents were visiting last week, I did manage to talk my dad into holding some yarn while I wound it.

I also finished adding the fringe to the shawl I made with my Big Lots yarn. Now it is draped over the couch just looking pretty. I really wanted to finish some projects before casting on something new, but now with my SP gift, I don't think I will. I told my husband that pretty soon I will not have time for housework since I have so many projects to finish for gifts and etc. Plus everyone in my family wants to be something new for Halloween, so I may be firing up the sewing machine soon. Yesterday I went through the Halloween stuff. We have five boxes of costumes and accessories, but no everyone wants to be something other than what we have. Sigh! While going through this stuff, I also discovered we have 3 boxes of make-up for Halloween, and about 5-6 boxes of decorations. We love Halloween. Here is the rundown on who wants to be what around here: My son wants to be a ghoul (should be easy), my daughter wants to be Medusa (involves making snake hair and a romanesk dress), my husband may go as Perseus who slayed medusa (no idea what he will need for his costume), and I am contemplating going as a mermaid. If anyone has any good ideas for making a mermaid costume, please let me know.

Wow long post today. That is what happens when I am home all day by myself. I blab blab blab to anyone. LOL!


luvs2knit said...

Laurie, what a wonderful gift. See with the SP Pittsburgh being soooo small, you probably know who it is. Just fake it, okay : )..

Heather said...

I can't wait to see the Medusa hair!!!