Friday, September 30

I'm it today!

A while ago, Cheryl tagged me, but my internets were messed up and I could not answer. Now that the problem is fixed, I will answer these burning questions. I see you shiver with antici............................................................................................................pation!

(The first person who can guess which movie that last line is from will win a small token of my affection, because then I will know I am not the only one who looooooves that movie.)

Ten Years Ago: I was just married for the first time with two small children. I was working in a sewing factory making t-shirts. I was the one who put the scratchy neck tags in.

Five Years Ago: Was a very crappy time for me. My marriage was going nowhere in a fast hurry. In that year alone, I resided in Georgia, Texas, Louisianna, and then Pennsylvania. I was making a last ditch effort to save my marriage. Did not work.

One Year Ago: Was pretty wild. I had just gotten married for a second time to the most wonderful man in the world, and found out he was going to be deployed. Then we found out he was not being deployed because he was sick. I was scared because I did not know how serious it was. We now know he has ulcerative colitis. It is now in remission.

Five Snacks: Chocolate, Doritos, Cake, Ice Cream, Brownies

Five Songs I know all the words to: I know the words to many many songs. Off the top of my head though I will have to say: Happy Birthday, I won't forget you babe by Poison, Every Rose has its Thorns by Poison, I want to break free by Queen, and Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

Five things I would do with a $100 million dollars: Buy the house of my dreams, buy a luxury car, buy a 69 Mustang to fix up and drive to the grocery store, Invest Invest Invest so I would never have to work or worry about money, and give money to all the people I love and who have been kind to me or my family.

Five places to run away to: The space between my bed and dresser, somewhere warm and tropical, a yarn store, my husband, a beatifully landscaped yarn/garden.

Five things I would never wear: a thong, wool underpants, uggs, a tuxedo, anything with a waistline right under the boobs (it makes me look like I am expecting).

Five favorite TV shows: Pop-up video (why did you ever have to leave me?), The new detectives, VH1's behind the music, Biography, The first 48.

Five biggest joys: My husband, my children, my parents, being silly enough to make my husband smile or laugh, finding friends with like interests.

Five people I am tagging: Everyone I know has already been tagged, so no one. :(

Well now do you think I am strange? Believe me, I am stranger than you can imagine. LOL!


Heather said...


Ahah! It is you that is responsible for the scratchy neck tags??? Say it isn't so!!! :-)

Used to love the PopUp Video too!

aloicious said...

Not strange...COLORFUL maybe, but not strange...Anyway, I like strange so it's not a bad thing at all...
Pop Up Video rocked!!!!
Maybe we can start the revolution to get it back on the air...Go knitters, Go!!!!! (see, now you guys are going to have me chanting that to the rafters everywhere, geez...You are bad influences on me ;)...)