Thursday, October 27

I think I am awake

I am not so sure though. The fact that I am misspelling every other word and having to fix it leads me to think I may not be. Why am I up so early contemplating whether I am awake or not? My daughter had her field trip today. The entire 5th grade is going to Gettysburgh. I had to have her at the school by 5:55. This means that at 4:30 this morning I had an overly excited 11 year old in my bedroom saying Mom? I am up. Thanks Sami now let me sleep for a bit more. You see we live 5 whole minutes from the school. She could have slept until 5:15 or so. If I thought she was excited, boy was I in for a surprise. Here I am half asleep trying to walk her to her classroom while the rest of the 5th grade was running, jumping and shouting. To top it all off, they don't want to lose the kids so they have them all wearing neon green/yellow t-shirts. Too early too bright. Well I am off to drink some coffey and try to fully be awake.

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

so how did the trip go?
Sorry you aren't going to be with us tomorrow!!!