Monday, October 24

Warning Whining ahead

I warned ya. It is Monday morning. Uuuggghh. I am up with the kids making sure they get ready for school on time. I feel like I am dying. I supposedly have this Fibromyalgia thing. I don't know. I have been tested for absolutely everything else, and that all came out good. In fact, to look at my medical tests, I am in very very good health. So why do I feel so $^(&&y? I wish I knew. I am so f*&^ing sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Some days I don't want to leave my bed. Today is one of those days. My body is aching so much I want to cry. I can't sleep. The less I sleep the worse I feel. The worse I feel, the less I sleep. Medicine you say. Well I currently take Zoloft for depression and anxiety and a muscle relaxer before bed to make me sleep. Guess what it don't work. Lately I feel like I am falling further and further down into whatever it is that has it's hold on me. I am normally such an energetic happy go lucky person, but not now. I am supposed to clean house, but that is doubtful at the moment. I am planning some quiet time reading and drinking coffee. Maybe. It is one of those days where I am to tired and in so much pain that holding my knitting or a book seems impossible. Todays weather will not help I don't think. Okay. I think I will quit bitching now. If I don't I am just going to start crying again. Just remember I warned ya at the beginning. Please try to have a great day. I am gonna try my best.

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DDancer said...

Hello, I found your blog via I also have Fibromyalgia and it's a royal nuisance. What has helped me is a consistant sleep schedule, regular Chiropractic care, massages and a drug called Trazadone. It's a mild anti-depressant that helps you sleep. Actually, 30-40 minutes after I take it I pretty much crash for 7-8 hours unless awakened. Feel free to contact me if you want more info. I wish you luck with this.