Sunday, November 20

Best Secret Pal and Best Friends!

Well not only do I have the best secret pal, I also have the best friends. Last night was Go Knitter Go night at Heather's house, and everyone surprised me with a birthday cake. They also got me a gift certificate to Knit Wits Inc! How awesome is that? Now I can not wait to go shopping. I was at Knit Wits last week looking around and bought some Cascade 220 for my husband's Christmas scarf. Now I can buy something nice to make for me! Thank you again to everyone (Heather, Jill, Cheryl, Betsy, and Leslie) for the gift I really really appreciated it. Two years ago, I had one of the worst birthdays ever, but this year is up there with the best of them thanks to my wonderful knitting friends. I will leave you with some pics from last night.

Surprise Birthday Cake

The llamas. How cute they are!


jillz said...

Yay! Happy Birthday, Donna! The cake looks horrible, so sorry I dropped it! I didn't even eat a piece because I was so stuffed from dinner.

Cheryl said...

The cake looks so BAD!!! LOL!!!
I am glad you enjoyed your birthday!!!