Saturday, November 26


Well it is Saturday and Thanksgiving is over. We had a very nice Thanksgiving. My mother in law was with us, and all the food turned out perfect. My husband and son said my apple pie was good. Seeing as it was a holiday, Murphy's law would state that something has to go awry. Well the law is the law. Our dishwasher somehow (nobody here did it, or so they say) got dish liquid in it. I did not see this. I just loaded the dishes, put in the soap powder, set the cycle, and turned it on. For those of you who have never witnessed what happens when dish "liquid" gets in a dishwasher, it makes soap suds. An extemely large amount of soap suds. It was spilling out of the dishwasher all over the floor. Kind of funny if you ask me. My husband did not feel it was so funny. So I babysat the dishwasher with towels and such and had my daughter scoop suds out until it was finally able to wash without looking like Liberace (sp) left all his bubbles laying on our kitchen floor.

Yesterday because I love Christmas the most of all, I put the tree up. Everyone helped decorate it and it looks beautiful. I am such a kid about Christmas! Also yesterday we went shopping. Yes we helped contribute to black Friday. We were at Wal-Mart at 5:00 a.m.! I really could not believe the amount of people who were there. I know some of you may think we are crazy, but there were a couple of items we really wanted. We did get the stuff we wanted. It was not so bad shopping, because my mother in law stayed here and watched the kids. We have decided that next year, we will not be going though because we were soooo tired all day yesterday.

Not too much to report in knitting news. I have worked on my husbands Christmas scarf and my mini hand warmers. Other than that nothing new to report. I will try and post some pics later today. We are going to go to the afternoon showing of Harry Potter. I can't wait. Have a great day.

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