Sunday, November 27

Its beginning to look a lot like Legos!

Actually, it always looks a lot like legos around here. My husbands passion for legos exceeds even my passion for yarn I think. Here is just a sampling of the legos in our family room.

Star Wars

The Vikings are here

My husband just recently bought the Viking legos. They have some pretty awesome sets.

Here is a preview of things to come for Christmas. I will post pics when he gets them all completed. Notice the boxes of legos on the floor and couch. My husband organizes his legos like you would not believe. Need a certain piece? He can locate it within minutes.

Getting ready for Christmas

Not much else going on here. I did finish my mini handwarmers. They are very cute. I also cast on for Betsy's secret Christmas gift last night. I think she is gonna love it. Well now it is off to the shower. We have to travel for my nephews Birthday party today. Only 120-130 miles round trip. Oh well what are ya gonna do? At least there will be knitting time in the car.

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Yvonne said...

OMG...we must keep our husbands separated. He is such a Lego nut...when we went to FL, what did he come home with? Shells? No. Sand? No. MILLENNIUM FALCON LEGO? yes!!!! LOL