Wednesday, November 16

Ya say its your birthday!

Well actually, my birthday is not til next Wednesday. I will be turning 29 for the fourth year in a row. Wow! I did get my birthday present from my husband today. He told me I could order a swift and ballwinder. They arrived in the mail today. I was prepared to wait til next Wednesday, but he told me to go ahead and use them because he knew I really could not wait. I have not wound any yarn yet, that is for after I finish blogging. Want to see a pic?

my birthday gift

Not much going on in knitting news. I did finish the red shawl I showed in yesterdays post. I worked a little bit on my sons fuzzy feet and that is it. Today it was all about me the laundry and my sewing machine. Even though we now own a washer and dryer, I still do laundry like I am going to the laundry mat. I gather all the laundry up, sort it, wash, dry, fold, and put it all away at once. It just is easier for me that way. I did get one project finished sewing. I know all day for one project? Well it was a bit complicated.

Just for the heck of it, here are some more pictures of the furbabies. This was taken just a bit ago after I cleaned their cage up. They were being persnickity because I moved their blankets around to find the cucumber and apple skins. That is why the pics of them in the cage. No one wanted to come out and play since I touched their stuff. I hope you enjoy them.

The girls



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Anonymous said...

Very nice swift and ball winder. I think you'll find some use for them very soon! Just sayin...

~Your Secret Pal~