Thursday, December 8

Go Donna Go!

It has been a very crappy week. My husband has been under a lot of stress, so the rest of the family is under stress. He is looking forward to Monday night. 90% of his stress will be gone by then. Me? I have been stressing cause he is. I have decided to go go go on projects this week to get my mind off of the stress. Here are some pics of the progress:

Fashion model Sami
This is my daughter Sami modeling the Noro silk garden scarf, and the felted purse with matching cell phone holder that will be going to my mom for Christmas.

Fashion model Dustin
This is my son Dustin modeling the scarf I made my husband for Christmas.

Aaaahhh spiders
These are beading ornaments I am making for my Go Knitter Go friends.

These are some woodworking projects I made. One is for my sister in laws mom, and the other is for a certain go knitter go person hence the reason it is covered up!

New stuff!
This is a picture of today's purchases. I found some awesome rainbow and black fabric to make another knitting bag someday, and the blue fabric will be the lining for the white purse I am knitting. The books I found today at Half Price Books. They were $6 each. Now darn it, someone has to have a baby!

Santa's workshop
This last picture is an overhead shot of the elves working in Santa's workshop. My husband designed and built this. I will have more pics in the days to come.

Well hope you enjoyed the pics. I gotta go relax now!


Cheryl said...

ooh ooh are those your tree spiders??? :happy:

aloicious said...

yeah!!!...lots of pictures today...I absolutely love everything (except I can't quite see that one's covered up..hmmmmmm...wink, wink)