Monday, December 5

Shopping, Knitting, and Crafting

Wow been a few days since I posted. This weekend was pretty busy. Mostly spent Christmas shopping, knitting, and crafting. Friday night was great. Betsy and Cheryl came over to knit. Thanks you two. I had a really nice time. I went Christmas shopping both Saturday and Sunday. I love Christmas, but hate the shopping and wrapping etc. Also, this weekend I knit and knit and knit some more and look what I got:


My very first mitten! I love it! I can't wait to make the second one. I just have a few other projects that need working on first. I also spent some quality time with my daughter yesterday crafting. Look what we made:


Is'nt he the cutest? I did the sewing while my daughter did the stuffing. We had a lot of fun. Last night she got my husband to craft with her. They were playing with foamies (foam shapes you can stick and glue together). Today is going to be a busy crafting day as well. I have to work on some Christmas gifts. One of them is a sewing project I am making for Betsy. Are you curious yet Betsy? Tee hee I can't wait til this Saturday. It is our Go Knitter Go Christmas get together. I am sure it will be fun. Well gotta go. Have some paperwork to do and then it is off to craft. Have a wonderful Monday.


aloicious said...

That reindeer is ADORABLE!!! And I'm too jealous of the progress you made on your mitten (not to mention the fact that it looks great!) I can't wait to see what you've sewn me...that is too cool...Wait till you see how the thingy I was knitting turned out ('s a Christmas secret)...too cute. Thanks for Friday, I do love hanging out with you (and your hubby)(and kids)(and Cheryl)and it was just what I needed to continue the flow on my thingy (shhhhh). See you on Saturday...can't wait!

Heather said...

Oh my!!! You MADE the reindeer??? You are soooo talented!!! I am seriously in awe. I think I need sewing lessons :-)

Kenny said...

That is just too cute! Did I meet you when I was in Pittsburgh? I don't remember.