Wednesday, December 21

Let Us Sew and Blocking around the Christmas Tree

Hee hee! How do you like that title? I really was blocking around the Christmas Tree. I had to block the shawl I made for my new sister in law, and in front of the tree was the only place I had enough room. Plus I have been sewing sewing sewing. Yesterday I made a little handbag for my daughter, and sewed all the letters of her name for her. Yep 8 letters to be sewn, snipped, turned, stuffed, and stitched shut. I have four letters left to sew shut, and I am finished with Christmas projects for real. I also did some sewing on a wall quilt yesterday. It is the first one I made. I was machine quilting it, and it is getting some tucks in the fabric. I don't know why. I layed it on the floor and pinned the layers together from the middle out. Oh well, for my first try it is looking pretty good. I may work on it some more today. In knitting not to much, I worked on my neck cozy a bit but not much else.

Yesterday I recieved my Secret Santa gift! It was from my friend Heather. She sent me two books on sewing handbags and a yellow ribbon patch. How awesome! Thanks Heather. She knows how much I love making bags on the sewing machine, and now these books have given me about a million and one ideas. I need more time in every day. Either that, or give up some of my crafts. I'm gonna keep hoping for more time, cause I ain't giving any crafts up!

Today the excitement level is reaching a fever pitch. I am doing laundry and paying bills. Can you hear the sarcasm? LOL! Oh well it's gotta be done. Plus I still need to start making lists and getting things ready for our vacation. We will be leaving the Monday after Christmas for Georgia to visit my parents. We will be driving. YUCK! 12-13 hours in the car. Lots of knitting time when it is my turn to ride and not drive. Plus the kids should be pretty good. Our family Christmas gift this year is going to be a dual screen DVD player for the car. They can watch movies all day for all I care, as long as they are quiet.

Okay okay time for me to go. I have rammbled enough.


Yvonne said...

Have a safe trip to GA, Donna!!! The hubby wants to know if you guys are going to get the Death Star from Lego. heehee

If you're getting tucks/puckering in your quilt back, it is something to do with the way you don't have enough pins or the fabric wasn't flat/taut enough when you did it. Since it's a wall quilt, though, you'll be the only one that knows...

Heather said...

What a great christmas gift for the family! The kids will be happy to watch movies for the drive and the adults will be happy because the kids'll be distracted! Win Win!

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