Monday, December 19

Nothing New

Nothing new here. No knitting today. I spent all day cleaning house. Yuck! At least I am finished. I think I will go take a nice hot bath and relax, and then some knitting. Since I have a problem only having a couple of projects on the needles, I have cast on yet another. Oh well I figure knitting is about being happy, and I was happy to cast on another project! LOL! I have cast on for the Koigu neck cozy with the Koigu my secret pal sent me last week. It is so pretty. Well that is all I have for today.


Yvonne said...

Wow...I should have you come clean our house...Just Kidding!! There are times that you just have to do that...LOL Unfortunately, I often neglect doing that, until it's to the point I can't stand it any longer...and then I grumble about how much time it takes to do it...a vicious circle, I know! and casting on does bring happiness, doesn't it? :)

luvs2knit said...

Perhaps, we all need to make some knitting resolutions to get some projects off the needle (tee hee hee).