Saturday, December 17

So Sad

I had pictures to show you today. They were very nice pictures too. Only thing is I have used all my free space on Flickr. No more pictures this month on my blog I guess. Oh well. I had a picture of my knitting spot since I read Kenny's blog and was tagged. I had a picture of where my yarn was kept, a picture of my finished mittens, and a picture of the beautiful margarita my husband just made me.

Like I mentioned, I finished my mittens. I also started and finished a scarf yesterday to give as a give today. I finished a purse with tinkerbell fabric for the lining. Now I am working on a second fuzzy foot for my son and a pair of "fancy" socks for my daughter. I still have two gifts to sew for Christmas and I will be done with Christmas projects. I have all but a few wrapped. I am sooooooo ready. I can not wait. I swear I am like a little kid counting down the days. Speaking of counting down the days, I thought of Yvonne. We have a lego advent calendar, and today is my day to open and build the toy. Yeah! So that means I have to get off of here. Have a great weekend everyone!


Yvonne said...

oooo A Lego advent calendar! That's awesome!!!

Hey...try Photobucket for photo hosting. I know not as much fun as Flickr...but still, it is free!! :)

Heather said...

Who knew there was such a thing as a lego advent calendar! Neat!