Friday, January 6


What a lovely week. Sick sick and more sick. Today it is an icky stomach. How icky you may wonder (well maybe not but I will share anyway!)? Put is this way, while clipping coupons I was getting nausous looking at the food. Blah! I sure hope next week is better. The only consolation is the fact that the hospital gave me anit nausea pills along with my hydrocodone! Makes the day bearable.

In knitting news, I bought two sweaters at the thrift store. The are headed for the washing machine to get little and be turned into purses. I have not tried this before, so I will let you know what happens. Since I have been sick, I have spent a lot of time on the couch knitting my fuzzy feet. I hope to have them ready to felt tonight. I am excited about them. They are pink with white trim and are going to have brown soles. I am hoping they felt okay since I am adding an additional bottom. I will give an update later if I felt.

Here is hoping that the rest of you are having a great day!

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Kenny said...

I hope you start feeling better

Thanks for keeping coming to my blog and leaving all those nice comments. i need to add you to my blog lines.

oooh, recyling yarn, that's interesting. keep me posted