Thursday, January 5

Fiddle dee dee

That is what I say to housework today. I know it may sound very lazy of me, but I am still sick, and I just don't want to do it, and no one can make me. Bllaaahh (That is me sticking my tongue out). Actually, I am feeling a bit better today. I hope this stupid stone passes soon. Why I have so many stones I would really like to know.

While procrastinating house work today, I decided to get my hair cut. I love it. I think it looks great. Now if I can just recreate the style here at home. Also, decided to eat lunch out. Went to Taco Bell and went through the drive through because I really hate to eat alone. Thank God I have a family otherwise I would go insane all by myself.

Right now I am waiting to fold a load of laundry (I feel guilty if I don't do some work). I also have to iron my husband's uniform. I am such a nice wife. Hee hee really I want him to be happy so I can shop at Jo-Ann fabrics tonight. We are going to be going out to dinner. My son needs his hair cut, and his barber is in Greensburg, so we always go to dinner when the guys get their hair cut. I think we are going to Buffalo Wild Wings. MMMMMM! I love to eat there. My husband likes to play the trivia when we go. It is so cool, because he almost always wins.

Anyway back to Jo-Anns. While on vacation I found some perfect fabric to make curtains for my dining room. It was on clearance for $1.00/yd!!!! Awesome. Now I have to find a coordinating fabric to add with it. I forgot to mention in my ealier posts just what I bought down yonder. Well here is the rundown:

1 skeing Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Crazy Woman
3 skeins of a 100% cotton fingering weight that self stripes. I thing this will be cotton socks.
3 skeins of an unknown yarn in the bargain basket at Hobby Lobby. This will be a scarf/wrap/shawl.
1 skein purple chenille thick and quick for $1.oo. This will be facecloths.
Fabric for dining room curtains.
Fabric for an animal print blanket.
Fabric to make a Hello Kitty purse.

Yes I am busy busy busy. I may get everything done before I die. Hee hee!

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