Tuesday, January 24

Busy Busy

Hi all! Been kind of busy around here. Yesterday I made up a pattern, cut out the fabric, and made three items. I say items, because I am sending one to LaurieG who was my Pittsburgh Secret Pal who spoiled me so wonderfully. It is going to be a surprise. The other ones are for my sister in law and niece. I finished them up today with some help from my husband. Speaking of my husband, he took yesterday and today off from work. Yesterday we decided to go to the thrift store (one of my favorite stores). Well it was great. My husband found a box of legos, and I found three circular knitting needles for 99 cents each! Pretty awesome. Today we did some shopping at the regular stores and picked up some stuff we needed. I also got a new outfit at Target. A pair of jeans for half price, and a zipper hoodie made of fleece for 75% off. I love bargains.

As far as knitting goes, I am still plugging along on my husbands socks and have a ton of projects planned. But now I have to revise my planned projects because.....................I am going to be an Aunt!!!!!. I am already an aunt by marriage to my husband, but I only have one sibling, a brother and he called Sunday to tell me him and his wife are expecting their first child! Baby knits here I come. I tried to explain to my husband that I love his nieces and nephews, but it is different because this will be a "blood" reletive. I do not have many "blood" reletives, and it is nice to be getting another.

The following pictures are from today. I was cleaning out the rat cage, so my husband took the rats out so it would be easier. He let them visit "Lego City", and it was just too funny. Enjoy the pics and have a great night everyone.

Donna craft personal photos 453
Pandora visits the restaurant.

Donna craft personal photos 460
Ratzilla and Godzilla!
Donna craft personal photos 457
"I'm ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille" Ain't she just the cutest?


hollyboc said...

Donna, Congrats on your "aunt" status. My nieces and nephews are such a wonderful part of my life and I know yours will be too! I love the rat photos. Those rats... gee... so lucky! :-)

Kenny said...

Damn, that's a BIG RAT!!

LaurieG said...

Ha! It's not a surprise any mo-ore (imagine sing-song tone) Now I know. Glad to see you're in the Olympics. My cohorts and I are planning something for "Team Pgh". I'll keep you posted!

luvs2knit said...

I don't think she looks like a rat but a guinea pig!!