Wednesday, January 25

Knitting Tonight!

Woo Hoo knitting tonight in Butler! I am excited. I love getting together and knitting. I will be picking Cheryl up, and then we are headed for Butler. We will be picking up my neice and sister in law. My sister in law called today again to ask if I was coming up still since it snowed. I said yep are you still going. She said yes she is very excited. She has never been to a sit and knit or whatever you want to call it.

Not much going on around here. Just doing some laundry and reorganizing the blog. Take a look at the side bar, I have made some changes. I was knitting a bit on my sweater. I finished one of my husbands socks. They fit in the foot, but are a little loose in the cuff. I cast on and knitted the cuff with size twos, and switched to zeros for the foot. They have been taking forever to make. The second sock is to the point of starting the heel flap. I think I will work on those at knitting tonight. Also, I have joined the knitting olymics! I am going to make two pair of socks for me. One will be jaywalkers, and the others are going to be mosaics. I am excited. Plus I signed up for sockapalooza, and hope to get in. Well have a great day everyone.

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Heather said...


I'm jealous!

Hope you guys had a great time last night!!! (and made it home okay!!!)

Two pairs of socks for the olympics? Wow! Go Knitter Go! For Sure!