Sunday, January 1

Happy New Year Everyone!

Well I survived the family for New Years. It was not bad. Everyone was well behaved so things went very smoothly. I went to bed about 2:00 am and got up at about 9:30 today. It was nice visiting with the family. We all watched the Steeler game together, and then they went home. My husband and I took down Christmas decos in the livingroom and diningroom. Plus we cleaned those two rooms. Now we are all just relaxing. The kids and my husband are watching tv together. We are waiting for our dinner to be done. Pizza! Yep nice and easy. Well here are some pics of our vacation. We had a really nice time.

Snowy trip
Our trip down was pretty uneventful except through West Virginia. We ran into some snow that made it a tiny bit scary driving.
Giant Peach
We saw the Giant Peach in Gaffney SC.

The family
Here is my family all together for the first time in forever. Put it this way, my brother had not yet met my husband, and I had not met his wife. It was very nice to have everyone together. I look like crap though because this is just after we arrived from driving 12 hours.

My special gift
Here is a close up of my special gift from my mom. She made me this night gown to wear when I go on my Go Kniter Go retreat in March. It is in my favorite color purple, and has sheep all over it.

Monster Kitty
This is a picture of my moms monster kitty. His name is patch and he weighs about 21-22 pounds. Wow!

Well hope you all enjoyed the pictures. More 0n vacation later.


Heather said...

ooooo! You know I'm loving that monster kitty!

Nice PJs!!!

Glad you had a good visit! Even a "peachy" one... LOL.

Yvonne said...

Great pics, Donna!! I'm glad you had a nice time. :-)