Tuesday, January 3

Just what I needed

Today was the first day since before Christmas that everyone was back at work and school. So how did I celebrate? I stayed in bed until 11:30! I have just been so tired. I think it was just what I needed. I feel much better today. In fact I am still in my nightgown! Hee hee it is fun to be a stay at home mom some times. Needless to say that after this post, I will be getting dressed. I have a bit of house work, and then just going to relax some more. I know I know I have such a rough life.

Well since this is a knitting blog, here is some actual knitting content. I have only two projects on the needles! I know shocking is'nt it? I finished my sons fuzzy feet, a wave and shell wrap, and my daughters socks. The socks are awesome. They are my first fancy socks with a lacey pattern. Right now on the needles is socks for my husband, and my octopus from months ago. I want to finish the octopus asap. Then I have a few projects I want to get cast on. I am doing a sweater knit a long in two weeks, so I have to work to get my guage for it. In other crafting news, I have supplies to make a purse and some curtains for my dining room. Busy busy busy.

Here is a picture of my sister in law. I taught her how to knit recently, and she is loving it. She called me a bit ago with knitting questions. She told me she had just bought more yarn, needles, and a pattern today. I was sooo proud of her!

Christmas Vacation 178

Last but not least, watch out for that wolf in sheeps clothing!
Christmas Vacation 147


Cheryl said...

the wolf in sheeps clothing is adorable!!! that really made me laugh...Congratulations for being a "yarn pusher" :)

heather said...

woo hoo hoo!
ya hooked another one!
cute wolf!