Tuesday, January 10

I am in love again!

Heehee! What is that all about you ask? Well our house has four bedrooms. It is only me, my husband, and two kids but we have a lot of stuff. The extra bedroom was supposed to be the lego/craft room. Well when we moved in, we just kind of put any thing we did'nt have a place for in there. Then for the holidays, we had an extra chair in there to make room for the tree. On top of that, the room's furniture consists of: a futon, a dining room table, 6 chairs for said table, my sewing machine, all my craft stuff, and my husbands legos. Needless to say it was crowded. When ever I went in to sew, I pulled the chair out from the machine and kind of had to climb over in to it just to sew. The dining room table was taking up a ton of space. Well I finally had enough and went in yesterday and ripped the room apart and rearranged everything and moved stuff. I am sooooo in love with it now. It works soooo much better. I started by taking the rocking chair and putting it back in the computer room, rearranging the closet in the utility room and was able to put 4 dining chairs and two boxes of stuff in there. I then moved everything to a more convenient spot, and even added another chair. Before the transformation, you could not even sit on the futon let alone pull it out to sleep on. Now I just have some empty boxes and a bag of trash (garbage from this room) sitting on it til tomorrow when it goes out for garbage. I am so excited about the room now. I was in there last night sewing, today sewing, and plan to do more tonight. Here are some pics of the new room:

Donna craft personal photos 439
This picture is what you see when you walk in the door.

Donna craft personal photos 437
This is most of my husband's legos. See them all separated in the bins?

Donna craft personal photos 438
This is my sewing area. In the far left of the pic you can maybe see 4 bins? Those are my yarn storage solution! LOL!

Donna craft personal photos 436
Finally, this is a picture of my very first quilt. It is a wall hanging I bought last year. I just finished it today. This Saturday is Go Knitter Go night at my house and our theme is 4th of July in January. I thought this would be great.

As far as knitting goes, on the needles are: socks for my hubby, a lace scarf (my first lace project), and a soon to be felted bag. I got a delivery today from the UPS man. It was my needles to start my sweater for our GNG sweater knit along. I will have to swatch for it by Friday. Wow! I sure am glad I am a homemaker or I would never get this crafty stuff finished. Speaking of being a housewife, I better go iron my hubby's uniform, and put the clean dishes away. Ciao everyone!


Yvonne said...

WOW!! You were not kidding when you said your husb. had a lot of Legos...

aloicious said...

Well...It sounds (and looks) like you're feeling better. That's what I am most happy about...I can't wait to see you again, I miss you!