Thursday, January 12

Oh What a Beautiful Day

It is absolutly beautiful outside today. It is sunny and in the 50's. For January in PA we will take it. I am going to go outside and enjoy it in a while. I have to vaccuum out the car. It is amazing how much stuff gets in a car in such a short time. Very exasperating. Today is a cleaning day for me. Mostly just dusting and vacuuming in here, and laundry. After I finish with the car though it is knitting time. I am going to do a swatch for my sweater I will be starting on Saturday. Speaking of Saturday, I am way excited. I am hosting a Go Knitter Go night at my house, and it is going to be a full house. There will be eight women and two kids coming over. I love it. Knitting get togethers are the best. It is nice because we wont be in a public place and have to worry about other people bothering us or getting too loud or whatever.
In other knitting news, I started a lace scarf. It is the first time I am doing a lace pattern from a chart and the first time using lace weight yarn. I already have a couple of mistakes, but knitting back stitches is a pain in the @##, and I can not pull the work off the needles and pick it back up. Well I saw a picture on Judy's blog today and she talked about using a lifeline. Duh! Why I did not think of this, I don't know. Now I am going to frog the scarf and start over with a lifeline. Now I am argueing with myself about whether I should frog it and restart it right away, or start on the socks (black-n-gold lornas laces) for me so I could wear them WHEN the Steelers go to the Super Bowl. Hmmm what to do? Well I guess I will think about it while I am vacuuming the car.

Oh yeah almost forgot, since the craft room is super neat and clean, I finished another sewing project. It is a purse with Hello Kitty on the side. Super cool. I will try and remember to take a picture later to post. Ta ta for now!

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Kenny said...

Hi donna, i finnally put your blog in my blog list. Thanks for diligently reading my blog and commenting. Do you also know cheryl?