Monday, January 16

What a great weekend

So much fun was had this weekend. Saturday was Go Knitter Go Night at my house. We had the 4th of July in January. Lots of picnic foods. Yum. Good food and great knitting. Check out the pics from Saturday:

Donna craft personal photos 445
This is Jane and Yvonne. So glad you could make it to our Go Knitter Go night.

Donna craft personal photos 444
Two of the regulars Betsy and Jill concentrating very hard on their knitting.

Donna craft personal photos 446
Three of the other regulars. Me, Cheryl, and blogless Leslie concentrating.

Heather was there as well, but unfortunately I only have pictures of the back of her head. We had a great time.

Sunday was another great day. A lot of the knitter from the Pittsburgh secret pal exchange got together. Sorry, I was not feeling top notch, and did not take pics. You can see some pics on Heather or Holly's blogs. It was a nice get together at Panera Bread at Pittsburgh Mills. I got to meet three other blogging knitters: Nora, Judy, and Holly. It was great getting to meet you all. I hope we can get together again sometime. I know it is hard though because we live so far apart. Thank you Heather for the ride. I appreciated it much.

Well not much going on here. I started a new winter hat for me, finished the back of my sweater, and did not pick up the socks yesterday or today yet. My family and I are getting ready to go see Narnia today. It should be a good time. Have a great Monday everyone.


Kenny said...

You guys in Pittsburgh always seem to have so much fun when you get together. Honestly speaking, I don't know if there are nice people like that here in Houston. I mean, I've met a couple of nice ones, but the rest seem a littl clicky and petty and snotty. That's why I always just knit at home, alone.

Nora said...

It was great to meet you! I hope you like Narnia -- I saw it over the holidays and loved it. Judy talked me into buying the box set of all seven chronicles; she had read them and liked all of the stories. (Of course she works in a book store so that fits) Happy knitting!

heather said...

LOL The back of my head is probably my best side anyway!!!

You are much welcome for the ride as I was much thankful to have both company for the ride and such a strict conscience along with me *hehehehe*

It's so easy to swing around the back way rather then 70 that, if there's ever something else like that, I'll be glad to pick you up!!!

hollyboc said...

I really enjoyed meeting you guys too!!! I will definitely join you again sometime! Maybe we could do a Butler thing and I could meet Cate at SRU too!