Tuesday, February 7

Another Finished Object!

Yay! I finished another object! These are my Pittsburgh or Steeler Socks. I finished them yesterday afternoon. They are lornas laces bee stripe with unknown black at the toe. The pattern is a baby cable rib from the book Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch. I love love love this book. It is very easy to understand, and the patterns are numberous. I am going to make my sockapalooza socks from this book.

Donna craft personal photos 486

Forgive the poor photo. My camera batteries died right after this picture.

Do you ever get the feeling someone or something is watching you?
Donna craft personal photos 479

The furbabies are starting to act just like children. I swear they are going through the terrible twos even though they are only about 7 months old. If one has attention, the other has to have attention. They are so jealous of one another. Ophelia is just out and out being bad today. She was taking bedding in her mouth and spitting it out of the cage. She did that three times. Then she stretched way out and was grabbing an electrical cord (not plugged in) and a decoration on the wall trying to swing from them. Anything she can get her mouth on she stuffs into their house. It is making me crazy. I still love them so much though. They are gettting much more friendly and enjoy being held more.

Well that is all for today folks. I think I may have to do some training for the olympics!


Cheryl said...

that picture of the big mice is so cute!! Look how perky they are!!!
You should have had old hairy legs wear the socks for the picture!!! haha!! I will never forget that...
Hope you are feeling better...I am getting a cold and not feeling real dandy.

Jennifer said...

I like the pictures of your rats. (They are rats, aren't they?) I myself have two gerbils, both with definite personalties. I like your socks! I have a friend who is a Steeler fan who would just go crazy for them!

Kenny said...

Go Steelers!!

hollyboc said...

That photos of the rats is a riot. I have to say they are cute. Love the socks too!