Friday, February 24

Bizarre Weird and Scary all in one!

Yes indeed, it is time for ZYX photo Friday! This week is the letter U, so I bring you:

Donna craft personal photos 504

Uvula! Uvula n (pl uvulas, uvulea) the fleshy tissue suspended in the back of the throat over the back part of the tongue.

Yes I do realize that I should probably stay away from the dictionary for zyx Fridays. I just wanted to find something unique and unusual to post. So much for being just a knitting blog huh?

Wellllll in knitting news, I am continuing on my second jaywalker. I am past the heel turn and almost done with gusset decreases. I don't think I will have any trouble getting the gold except for being bored with my sock. Since I am so bored with the sock, I took a time out to work on my cabled hand warmers using the baby silk. I think they may be the nicest things I have ever made. I am so in love with the yarn. I made my husband touch the yarn and admire it again last night. I am pretty sure he thinks I have gone loopy. Speaking of my husband, he is being a good cheerleader for the olympics. He told me if I don't get the second jaywalker worked on and done, he is going to hold all my other yarn ransom. How funny is that?

Well I must be going. I have to go to the grocery store today, and am debating whether to go to lunch or grab a coffee while I am out. hmmm decisions decisions..........


Kenny said...

Man, you guys are doing some serious speed knitting.

Heather said...

Uvula. The good news is, we're getting the hard letters out of the way first...

Way to go on the socks! That's alot of knitting being accomplished!

Kenny said...

How do you all knit so fast?

Anyways, I hope that my Jaywalker tutorials aren't that cofusing!!