Wednesday, February 22

If not the gold, then maybe the bronze or silver.

I really would like to win the gold in the knitting olympics, but I am just bummed out on knitting my socks. I am trying though. Look see what I did last night:

Donna craft personal photos 503

Yep that's right. I finished one pair. Since I already have one of my jaywalkers done, that means I have till two on Sunday to make one more little sock. How much of the second jaywalker is done you ask? NONE! I have not yet cast on for it. I am procrastinating. Doing housework, playing on the internet, etc. Anything buy knitting a sock. I just can not seem to get into it. My husband is being a good cheerleader, telling me "you can do this" and telling me I should not have cast on more projects (but it's baby silk man don't you understand?). I have a load of laundry just about ready to come out of the dryer. I will fold that, eat lunch, and then I will cast on for this sock. I will do it. I WILL DO IT!!! Got to make myself believe this.

In other knitting news, I am going on a knitting retreat. How awesome is that? I am going with my Go Knitter Go friends. There will be six of us spending a weekend at a bed and breakfast on a farm knitting and having a great time. I am kind of nervous though. I have never went away without my children or husband for this long. I know I will worry the whole weekend. But I must go. This is why I started knitting, to meet friends. Okay I am procrastinating by making a long post. MUST GO KNIT SOCK!

Have a supercalifragilisticexpielidocious kind of day. I have no idea if I spelled that right.


Yvonne said...


You can do it,
Yes you can
Knit that sock
With a frying pan
(No, that would be difficult...and it doesn't sound right.)

Jaywalker Jaywalker
Needs to be Knit!
You can do it,
Donna, don't quit!

Knit that sock
do it right!
You don't have to
stay up all night!

Go for gold
there's only one!
Do the Jaywalker
and have fun!!

(Okay, I obviously was NOT a cheerleader in high school...)

Heather said...

Okay, Yvonne's comment was soooo great that I've forgotten what I was going to say....

Love the socks! They really turned out awesome!

luvs2knit said...

the socks look great. I hope they are keeping your toes warm.