Thursday, February 16

Everybody loves pictures of furry little animals right?

But I bet not everyone likes pictures of furry little rats. I do though. So I thought I would show off the jaywalkers progress with Pandora. I took this picture quick before she decided to nibble the needles.

Donna craft personal photos 493

So goes the progress of my olympic knitting. I am slowing down I can tell. The excitement has worn off, and now I feel like I "have" to knit. That is why I rarely ever knit any requests for people. I feel like I "have" to finish it. I like knitting just to knit. That is why I usually have more than one project at a time. I am trying to keep the interest for the olympics, by knitting one mosaic sock, one jaywalker, the other mosaic, and then the other jaywalker. Besides getting bored with my knitting, I have been sick. I just don't have any energy. I don't care if I move or not. I hate that. I am trying to get my energy going today. Yesterday afternoon was pretty good. I managed to get a lot accomplished around here. I am hoping today goes as well. Ok enough about that. I am looking forward to this weekend. Saturday is Go Knitter Go night at Heathers which is always a good time. Sunday me and the family are going up to Butler to visit family. Seems like forever since we have been there. I think we will probably visit my MIL for awhile, and then we are going to my husband's brother and sister in laws place. I am looking forward to it because we are all going to have dinner together. Monday is a Holiday, so everyone will be home here. It is going to be a work day though. I will have the family move furniture, and I am going to scrub carpets. Neccessary evil of keeping our house looking new. It is ok though I am so happy with the house we bought, that I don't mind doing the work to keep it looking good. Ok I think I have blabbed enough. Have a great day everyone and Go Go Go Olympic Knitters. YOU CAN DO IT!


Kenny said...

What holiday is Monday? I don't get no holiday....?

Anyways, I wish I knit because I love to knit. I obsess too much about the product. It really stresses me out, as you probably read in my previous posts.

Heather said...

OOOOhhh I think Pandora is an adorable little furry creature!