Friday, February 17

ZYX Friday

Today is the letter V, and V is for..........Vampires!


I love vampires. Am very intrigued by them. Except for the fact I hate the taste of blood and adore the sunshine I think I would like to be a vampire. I have a small collection of books about vampires I like to read. My husband earlier this week asked what this weeks letter was? I told him V, and he immediatly said "your going to put vampire ar'nt you?". My husband know me so well.

No new knitting news to report. I have my jaywalker sock down to where I need to start the toe decreases. I think I will work on that this afternoon, and then start the second mosaic sock. Well that is all folks.

1 comment:

Heather said...

LOL, I haven't done my V entry yet (day late as normal...)

You just don't strike me as a Vampire though...