Sunday, February 19

Fun Fun Fun

Thank you to Heather and Monty for hosting Go Knitter Go night at their house last night. A great time was had by all. A big thank you goes to Monty. He made felted slippers for all us knitters. We all got to choose a nice pair of slippers to bring home. (I am wearing mine right now). Monty you are becoming a great knitter. It was also a celebration of Jill's birthday. Happy Birthday Jill. (Go over to her blog and wish her a happy birthday). I was slacking and did not take many pictures last night. I do have one to share though. It is a picture of Heather and Monty's cat Slim. He really wanted his picture with me (NOT!).

Donna craft personal photos 501

Here is a picture of what my husband was up to yesterday.

Donna craft personal photos 498

He has books. Lots and lots of books. We have several bookshelves in our house with books on them. These are the books we do not have room on the shelves for. He went through all his boxed books and switched them with some of the ones already out. He estimated he has about 1200 paperbacks that are all in boxes because we have no room to put them out. Yep that is right, around here is it all about legos, books, and yarn. What a wonderful world.

Not much knitting news. Worked on a sock last night. Will be working on a sock today.


Heather said...

oooo books and yarn!!! good stuff!!!

Slim looks thrilled :-)

Thank Don for making that yummy cake and you for decorating it!!!

I love having everybody over!!!

Cheryl said...

Look at all those books!!
books, yarn, kinda place.

Hope you are having a better day!!

Good Cake don!!