Wednesday, February 1

FO Update

Well here we are at the first of February already. Geez time flies. I thought I would take a look to see how many finished objects I have so far this year. The number is 3!!!! Yeah! In fact I just finished one of those items today. They were the never ending socks for my husband. Well they are finished, along with my felted fuzzy feet and a baby cable rib hat for me. I think I could have had more knitted items if I had applied myself more, but I also have some sewing projects I finished in January. I made curtains for the dining room, and also three knitting bags. See what happens when you get to be a homemaker. Sometimes you are bored out of your gourd, but you can accomplish a lot.

Now for my February goals: I have a pair of socks for me on the needles. They are 1 and 3/4 of the way done. I want to have them ready for Sunday since they are my black n gold/steelers socks. My next goal is to have naked needles in time for the knitting olympics. I have to make a second half of a felted bag, and knit the sleeves to my sweater. Then seeming and the needles are empty for my olympic sock knitting. I also have sitting on my sewing machine three projects I want to start after that. I have two bunny baby hats, a pair of pink baby booties, and a pair of blue and yellow bunny booties. With all of that, I have yarn to make socks for each of my kids. Speaking of all these socks, has anyone heard from sockapalooza? I have not heard anything, and was just wondering if maybe I did not get in. If anyone has any info, please let me know. Needless to say I will be quite busy with knitting projects for quite some time. I also have a secret project I am going to start and kind of work on here and there. Plus.....I have knitting to do for my mother's birthday in May. All these projects do not include any sewing or scrapbooking I want to do as well.

Holy Cow I guess I better get off of here and get busy. LOL! If you stop by, please leave me a comment K?

PS. Pictures of the socks and hat will be posted tomorrow. Check out the side bar for my USA sock knitter button. Pretty cool huh?

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Yvonne said...

Hi Donna!
Wow, you have got a lot of FO's this year. I have -- ummm...2. Two scarves my friend Molly commissioned me to do. Wow...that is just NOT A LOT! LOL