Tuesday, February 14

One Down Three To Go

I have finished my first sock for the knitting olympics. Take a look:

Donna craft personal photos 489

The mosaic part around the cuff turned out ok. I don't think there was enough contrast in the colors to make it show up really well. I really like the striped part of the foot. Plus the sock fits really well. I have small feet, and when I buy womens socks at the store, they are usually to big. Most of the time I just buy boys socks. That is one of the reasons I enjoy making socks for me so much.

My second sock was a jaywalker. I had knitted quite a bit on it, but then decided to frog it. I make a mistake on the gauge. I kept knitting trying to convince myself it would be ok, but it was not. The sock would have been too big. I thought about continueing, and just gifting the socks to someone who they would fit. But..... I am making them with my knit picks yarn sock memories in carnival, and I specifically bought that yarn for me because I loved the colors so much. So I am being selfish and making them again for me! I have about 2" done, and will be working on them on and off today.

Today is blah because I feel blah. Body aching and all that. My husband and I had a disagreement last night. It is okay now, but I really feel emotionally and physically drained. I look like crap. My eyes are sooooo red and yucky looking. Thank goodness I don't have anywhere to be till later. Later I have to go pick my car up. It is getting an oil change and brakes. $$$$$ I hate to spend.

In other news, my son is home today sick. He is really sick because he asked to stay home. He never wants to stay home. So he and I are just hanging out being sick together. What a way to spend Valentines Day huh? Speaking of Valentines Day, yesterday my husband brought me home two red roses and a beauful card. He brought two roses because we have been married for two years. So sweet. I am so lucky to have him.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!


Yvonne said...

feel better soon! I love your sock...it's pretty!

Heather said...

The sock looks great!!!

Thank you for the stickers and card! That was soooo sweeet!

Happy belated Valentine's!

Hope you feel better soon!

luvs2knit said...

Hope you had a good one with Don!!!

Kenny said...

It's funny, I had your blog stored in my cache apparently because I had to refresh my browser several times before I saw all your recent posts.

Looks like you're doing good on your knitting olympics. I'm too chicken to participate.

Hope your son and you feel better.