Sunday, February 12


Well it is Sunday and day three of the knitting olympics. I have one sock with the heel turned and the gusset decreases finished. I have another sock that has about 2 inches. The first sock is one of the mosaic knit socks. It is pretty easy I think. You alternate knitting rows of two colors and slipping stitches in a specific order to make the pattern. I did not have any trouble with it so far. The cuff heel and toe are one solid color with the foot striped using the two colors. I have no pictures because I found out I have a weird way to knit socks. I knit them inside out. I don't know why, I have tried to knit right side out, but it just does not work for me. So I end up knitting the entire thing inside out all the way to the end, then I flip it right side out and doing kitchener on the toe. I am pretty sure y0u don't want to see inside out socks. My second socks are the jaywalkers. I am not so sure I am liking them. The yarn is wonderful, the pattern is wonderful, but I am having to use size 3 needles to get gauge. I like to knit socks on smaller needles, but was unsure of how to adjust them for that. (first socks are on 1's). All in all the olympics are going okay. I have not knit very much today though because I had to make a grocery list, clean house, and supervise the childrens cleaning. Later my son has a birthday party to attend. While he is there, I am going to take my daughter and get grocery shopping done. After that, wait for my husband to come home and then I will make dinner. Oh yeah I still have to iron a uniform for him and clean my car off.

Yesterday was a bit scary. I took my children down to Monroeville. We were going to go to Bonnie knits, Toys R Us, Lunch, the Monroeville mall, and Jo-Ann Fabrics. Well we made it to Bonnies with no problem, but on the way to Toys R Us, we have a fender bender. Nothing serious. My car took the most of the damage. I managed to crack the grill and the hard foam underneath. Yep it was my fault. My first accident hitting someone elses car. The other person was okay, and his car looked alright. I was so thankful we were going less than 5 miles per hour so my airbags did not deploy. My son was up front with me, so it was quite scary. I was way more shook up than the kids though. I am just glad everyone was okay.

In happier news, I did make the sale at Bonnies like I said. I bought some Lang Jawol sock yarn for my sockapalooza pal socks, some trekking XXL for me, and a skein from the bargain bin called mexican wave. The mexican wave is acrylic, but the color was so pretty I could not leave it there. We did make all of our other stops with out incident as well. I was very happy I stopped at Jo-Anns becaue I found a book I have been wanting forever. Lavish Lace! Woo hoo! I even used my coupon and got it at 40% off. I saw it in the knit picks catalog, but it was only 32% off. I am so glad I found it at Jo-Anns. Well not much else to say, sorry for long rambling today. Have a good one. Good luck olympic knitters.


aloicious said...

That darn rt. 22 in Monroeville...It's just awful on the weekends (or any other time, come to think of it)...I'm glad everyone is ok...but just what you needed, huh??? Like you don't have enough aches and pains to worry about on a normal day...Take it easy and I'll talk to you soon...

Yvonne said...

I'm glad you're okay!!!! Wow.

Heather said...

Oh my! I am so glad you are okay!
A dent here and there on a car is just cosmetic... just glad there's no dents or cracks on you or the kids!!!!!!!!!!!