Wednesday, March 29

another one bites the dust!

Ha ha I have another pair of socks finished. I finished to knee socks for my daughter just a little bit ago. They are going in the washer for the next load. No pics though cause my daughter wants to wear them to school tomorrow, and I will take a pic of her wearing them. Now on the needles half a sock for me. I need to finish it and do the second one and then make my second sockapaloooza sock. Plus I have sock yarn on the way from knit picks, and a pattern I want to start when it gets here. Also today I am starting lace knitting again. This lace $%&( is really kicking my @$$. Please send happy thoughts to me that this time I will get it. I actually gave up on the pattern I was using. I just was not liking it. I am making a gift for my mom that she knows about, and she chose the pattern, but I just was not getting into it. I decided to go with the free pattern from the back of the knit picks catalog that can be downloaded at their site. It is for a shawl/wrap but my mom wants a scarf, so I cut the chart up and taped it together so I can make a scarf version. I know my mom will like this pattern. The yarn I am using is actually the yarn used in the pattern. I have two balls of it that I bought quite some time ago. The yarn is so lovely. I hope it goes well this time. Sigh!


aloicious said...

Go Donna, Go!!!!!
Can't wait to see the knee highs on Sammi.

hollyboc said...

I am determined to battle lace again soon too. Why is it so darn hard????