Friday, March 24

Friday again.

That means it is time for the ZYX along. This weeks letter is Q so I give you:

Donna craft personal photos 100

Quadruped: a four footed animal. This is a picture of Ophelia when she was still a baby. She is soooo much bigger now.

Also as promised pictures of socks:

Donna craft personal photos 561

Donna craft personal photos 562

The top picture is my sockapaloooza sock on the left and my newest sock for me on the right. Don't worry sockpal I just wanted to show off your sock. I promise I will wash them before I send them out.

The second picture is my daughters knee socks I am making for her. They are going to be so cute on her.

Well that is it for now. Must go eat breakfast. Croissants with hard salami and a cup of coffee flavored with chocolate and caramel. MMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!


Yvonne said...

OOOO! I like the coffee with chocolate and caramel. YUM!

Cheryl said...

The socks are fantastic! I wish I were your sock pal! I'll have a crooissant with chocolate and caramel please.

Dipsy D. said...

Oh, Ophelia is such a sweetie on the pic, and I'm sure she still is!
I used to have a little rat as well many years ago and I'm still stunned on how intelligent and friendly they are!
I love your socks, they're getting along so fine - great colors you chose for them!
Have fun knitting, and best wishes from Austria!