Friday, March 17

Friday already?

Yeah it's Friday. That means it is time for Hollys ZYX along. This weeks letter is R. So I give you:

Donna craft personal photos 525

Donna craft personal photos 535

RATS!!! Yes indeed rats. We love rats here. We have two as pets if you don't know. Pandora, and Ophelia. They are so much fun.

Here is another picture that my husband took today. These are my new shoes to show off my hand knitted socks. I love them! Did you notice how funny my feet look though? I have little wee feet compared to the rest of me. Looks funny I think. Well have a good one all!

Donna craft personal photos 536


Cheryl said...

just click your heels together Dorothy and say "there's no place like home--there's no place like home!"

hollyboc said...

I have to admit it. The rats are cute. And the socks are awesome! Love those colors.

Yvonne said...

LOL @ Cheryl's comment. LOVE the shoes!!!

Kenny said...