Saturday, March 18

Oh What a Day

(sigh) we are finally home. We left about 9:20 this morning, and got home at about 7:30. We had a family birthday party to attend today. Takes about an hour and a half one way driving. First off this morning, we stopped at Yvonnes to drop off my swift and ballwinder. She will be using them for the next couple of days. Next we went to Wal-Mart. Found a really cool mini John Deer tractor for my dad. After that is was off to pick up my mom in law and on to the party. It was for my neice so there were many little kids. It was lound crazy and just like always. We left there about 4:30 dropped my mom in law off and headed for home. Everyone was hungry, so we stopped at Kings to eat dinner. Then we stopped at another Wal-Mart on the way home, and here we are. Do you think we like Wal-Mart? LOL

Knitting? About 2 rows. Last night I was in too much pain to knit, and today was just to hectic. I may squeez a little knitting in tonight, but not sure. My body feels better today, just tired. Well enough rambling.

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aloicious said...

I'm glad you all are at least feeling better. I'm a WalMart junky too. Hope to see you soon.