Sunday, March 19

Sunday morning

It is Sunday morning, and I am wasting time because I am supposed to clean the rat cage and then our bathroom. I decided to steal this meme from Yvonne's blog and give it a go.

1. I need: Self Esteem

2. Sex: Is a beautiful thing

3. Relationships: very important

4. Your Last Ex: We were just not meant to be

5. Power: given to easily to the wrong people

6. Marijuana: bad

7. Crack: Even worse

8. Food: Love to eat, hate to cook

9. The President: Not really impressed with him lately

10. Drama: Don't need it

11. Cars: way too much money

12. Gas Prices: ridiculous

13. Halloween: My second favorite holiday

14. Politics: People should make more of an effort to understand

15. Religion: personal choice

17. MySpace: ??

18. Worst Fear: Spiders and something happening to my family

19. Marriage: Not to be entered into lightly

20. Fashion: wish I had some

21. Brunettes: beautiful (I am a brunette)

22. Redheads: my husband likes them

22. Blondes: My children are blonde

23: Work: I want to go to work

24: Pass the time: People watching way too much fun

25. One night stands: everyone should try it

26: Pet Peeve: stupid people

27: Pixie Stix: mmm flavored sugar

28: Vanilla Ice: has been

29: Porta Potties: Nasty disgusting

30: High school: uneventful

31. Ice cream: good, but too cold

32. Pajamas: great for lounging around the house, but not wearing to bed

33. Wood: solid

34. Surfers: ??

35. Pictures: I need to print more instead of just storing on my computer

Heehee I thought this meme was quite interesting.

1 comment:

Yvonne said...

OH MY! One Night Stands!!! EEK!! heehee.

Great to see you today! THANKS AGAIN for the use of the ball winder and swift!!!