Friday, March 3


Yessiree it is once again ZYX photo Friday! Today is the letter T, so I bring you..........

Donna craft personal photos 514

TWO!! Two is the number of:

  • friends I went to lunch with today
  • yarn shops I hope to visit tomorrow
  • children I have
  • times I have been married
  • nights my children are going away this weekend

Number 2 is a good number.

Also today I give you: The joy of socks! Especially handknit socks. Yesterday I washed mine and my daughters laundry, which meant all the handknit socks we have went through the washing machine. I always hang them to dry though. I just thought this would make an interesting photo to share.

Donna craft personal photos 513

This weekends knitting retreat has been postponed due to unforseen circumstances, but I am going to see my knitting friends tomorrow for a yarn crawl. Have a great weekend all.


luvs2knit said...

Wow!!! You are crazy with those socks. They are awesome. You're feet will love them

Cheryl said...

I love the socks!!!!! :)