Sunday, March 5


T minus 1 hour till me and the family leave for roller skating. I am asking everyone how sore their butts will be when we get home. Heehee it has been way to long since we last skated. For the kids and I probably 4-5 years. For my husband, too many years. LOL!

Well yesterday I went on a yarn crawl with a few friends. Yvonne, Jane, Cheryl, and Betsy. We also went to lunch and it was a great time. We visited Knit Wits, and Kathy's Creations. Last night I met up with the same friends, plus Jill, Leslie, and Heather. We visited and knitted a bit and then Jane and Yvonne had to go home (boo hoo). They had quite a long drive. The rest of us went to Applebees for dinner and had a great time. I really enjoy spending time with my knitting friends. We also set up dates for future meetings. What a great day!

New technique alert! Yesterday, Yvonne taught me how to do the magic loop technique. I love it. Very awesome. I think I want to give up my dpns. Also, it helped that I bought my first Addis to learn magic loop on. (Addis I love you and want to marry you!). Here is a picture of my daughters sock that I took off the dpns and put on the magic loop:

Donna craft personal photos 515

She is lovin the socks. Because of the magic loop, she was able to try it on to check for fit. Awesome!

Next up I am going to try and do two socks at once with magic loop using the tutorials from Kenny's blog.

Finally, I leave you with this picture which is for Yvonne. Foozles!

Donna craft personal photos 516

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Yvonne said...

OMG I love them! The orange and blue one is THE COOLEST!! Heehee. Glad you're loving the magic loop!!