Wednesday, March 15

Icky icky sicky

That is what is the news around here. Both my children and I have stomach flu. Blah. It started Monday night at about 10:00 with my daughter projectile vomiting in the bathroom. It was actually running down the walls. Ugh. What a mess. Me her and my husband cleaned up the bathroom about 99%. Yesterday, my daughter was home and she helped me clean the bathroom. We cleaned from top to bottom to make sure it was clean. Then, yesterday afternoon my son comes home from school not feeling well. He went to the bathroom, and then vomited all over the clean floor! aarrgghh! We I cleaned that up. A bit later I started to feel ill. No puking for me yet. My son was so sick, I had to take him to the ER last night. They gave him an IV of fluid and some medicine for the stomach cramps. Now today both kids are home with me. No one is puking, just feeling icky. I just hope we get over this soon.

No knitting. Too sick. Maybe tomorrow.

Sorry about the icky post.


Cheryl said...

Oh dear... Dustin has really been through the wringer lately hasn't he? I hope you all feel better soon! (and I didn't need the vomit on the walls detail....aargh.....!!!!)

Kenny said...

Oh dear.... the ER.... must be pretty bad. I'm glad you all are ok!

aloicious said...


Yvonne said...

Hope everyone's back to normal soon!!!! Well, as normal as ya'll can be. :)