Friday, March 10

Photo Friday Once Again

Todays letter is "S" so I bring you................SAMI!

Donna craft personal photos 520

I took this picture this morning of my daughter Sami before she left for school. She is modeling my ponchette knockoff. I think it looks quite nice on her. She does not like it. So surprising. NOT! It does not look that nice on me. I think I needed to make it a bit longer since I am a bit bigger on top ;p. The ponchette is made with lion brand Jiffy yarn. It took just under two balls. I am happy with the finished result, and want to make more ponchettes with different yarns.

Well that is all folks not much going on here.


Cheryl said...

look how darling-- you have a nice girl there.

Heather said...

how cute!!!
you're right, it does look nice on her but since you said so... she has to disagree :-)

my second ponchette I added about two inches... I like it better (and I added 20 to the cast-on)

sorry I missed you today!!!

hollyboc said...

Sami's adorable.... and the ponchette's cute too!

luvs2knit said...

I love the ponchette...I cannot believe that she doesn't like it.

Thanks for having me down on Sunday and for doing my Pampered Chef demo.