Thursday, March 9

Kind of like the Oscar Knockoffs.

That is what I am knitting right now. My friends are all making this very cute ponchette. The pattern calls for two skeins of Noro Iro. So that figures out to be about $40 for this cute little ponchette. Right now that is just too much for me. So in the tradition of Oscar dress knockoffs, I am making a ponchette knockoff. I am using Lion Brand yarn (yes it is acrylic but but well ok no rationalizing the acrylic) and it is looking very good so far. It is no where near the lovliness which is Noro, but it should only cost me about $5-%7.50. I am also still knittting on my GNG knitalong sweater which is also know as the peppermint puffball sweater. I have to finish one more sleeve, and then seem to together and have a look at it. I have a feeling it will be a "wear at home comfy sweater".

In other news, Dustin went to the Dr this morning and he does have a fracture. He fractured the growth plate on the bottom of his tibia. They put a cast and a boot on him, and he only has to use crutches if it really hurts him. He did not take his crutches to school today. He said he did not need them. Plus he wants to ride the bus home today. I guess there is no stopping him now. "Sigh" I just hope it heels and he does not reinjure it. I am glad they casted it, because he had a splint held on with ace bandages, and he kept messing with it. This broken bone thing is all new to me cause I nor my brother ever had anything broken. Heck I never had stitches except for childbirth and my tubal. I guess I got off lucky, but not my kids. Dustin has had stitches once, and now a broken bone. My daughter has had stitches three times, and staples once. I had actually had my bets placed on her for having a broken bone first. Oh well kids will be kids.

Uh oh I am having a slight very small pain in my right side. This is not good. I know I have a kidney stone in the kidney. I am just hoping it is not choosing today to come out. I am tired from getting up so early to go to the Dr. and we are all going to dinner tonight. I don't need this today. (Or any day for that matter).

"Sleep all day.
Party all night.
It's fun to be a vampire."
Qoute from the movie Lost Boys
Think I'll watch while I knit.

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Heather said...

Glad you got it worked out what was broke on Dustin!

Hope that pang isn't a nasty stone! Yuck! Yuck!

I'm loving the ponchette! I'm using up other stash yarn knitting the second one which is great!

Stay healthy!!!