Friday, April 28

Hmmmm What Could "L" Be For?

Donna craft personal photos 672

My husband collects legos the way the Harlot collects yarn. The legos are everywhere. The picture I took is of the extra bedroom. My husband and I share it for our "hobbies". In the picture, every container and box you see has legos in it. We have built models all over the house. In the living room, the family room, the bedroom, everywhere. When you come to our house, there is no doubt we love legos and knitting.

We have a sign hanging up you can see as soon as you enter the extra bedroom. It says "you are entering the craft/lego room barefeet beware". Not everyone here knits. My son knows how, but I am the only one who actively knits. Everyone here has legos though. My husband and the kids frequently trade them. Last week my husband wanted some more lego horses, and I had some. I told him I would sell them to him. Hehe! I said Maryland Sheep and Wool is coming up, I need more money to buy yarn. Nevermind the fact he bought the legos for me in the first place. So if anyone out there has legos they no longer want, please let me know. We love legos.

As far as knitting goes, I have the front and back of the baby sweater done. Now I have to do the sleeves and block the bits and then sew them together. I am pretty sure I will have enough yarn for matching socks. Yay! Well that all folks.


Emma said...

Wow, that's just amazing. Such a HUGE collection!

Michelle said...

I have some Legos to unload on you. My boys were never really into them (although I tried, I really tried to entice them). Email me so I can explain what I've got and so we can arrange for shipping!
spengler5 @ msn . com

Lucy said...

Hey at least it looks ex had collections and collections and collections....which is one of the reasons he is my "ex"!

natasha said...

good to know that both of you have a HOBBY, eh? has he been to the actual legoland?