Tuesday, April 4

I'm feely socksy!

Ha ha! I am so addicted to knitting socks right now that I may need a twelve step program. Look what came in the mail yesterday:

Donna craft personal photos 601

My knit picks order arrived! As you can see I have already used the new addi and yarn to cast on another sock. Sigh I just could not stand the site of an empty addi. LOL My husband picked the pattern for the new socks. I had him look through Sensational Knitted Socks, and he chose oh crap I can't remember the name of the pattern. Just to show the addiction, check out this photo:

Donna craft personal photos 602

This is the stand next to my "knitting seat". There are three socks in progress on the stand. Two are second socks though. I have plans for more socks after these ones are finished. I am so addicted. If you look at the stand, you will see I have a "drinking" problem as well. An empty cup (had cocoa) and a bottle of pepsi. I always seem to have more than one drink at a time on my stand. Oh well must keep hydrated.

One more photo today:

Donna craft personal photos 592

Today was my sons medieval fest at school. He was dressed as a knight. My husband snapped this pic real quick as my son was not in the mood to have his pic taken with mom. He is getting so big. He will be 13 in two weeks! We measured him tonight, and he is only about 4" shorter than me. I am sure that will change soon. Off to knit more socks.

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Heather said...

By this weekend he'll probably be the same height! Isn't that how it works with 13 year old boys? A couple days and there goes the pants' hemlines.

Love the sock obsession! And knitting table! We understand :-)