Thursday, April 6

I was gonna sleep in.

Yeah I was gonna sleep in again today. Such is the life of a homemaker. I did not sleep in though. My hubby called and told me he forgot a couple of things for work that he really needed, so he asked me to bring them to him. Remember homemaker does not mean no work, it means on call work. So I dragged me out of bed and put on real clothes (jeans and a t as opposed to sweats), and took him his stuff. He was very happy and of course when he is happy that makes me happy. Anyway it was a great excuse to go shopping since I was already out. I started off with a little bargain shopping at Tar-jay. Everything I bought was 75% off. I am the bargain princess. I got two pairs of flip flops with cute little rubber duckies on them for my daughter and me. They were $0.25 each! I bought two knitting kits at $2.25 each. One is for mittens, and the other for leg warmers. I may actually make the mittens cause they are cute but the leg warmers? No way. Uh uh. I will use the yarn for something else. Next it was off to Michaels to buy some cotton yarn to make cute little summer socks to wear with my flip flops. After that, I decided to go get my hair whacked off. I am just sick of my hair. I know cutting it is not always the solution, but I love it. It looks so cute. My husband hates short hair, but his is just gonna have to deal with it. Finally I made it home. I am going to knit in a bit. I started a felted bowl that will be a cute little bed for my pet rats. It will be ratty pi! Pictures tomorrow hopefully. I am still moving along with my socks as well. Plus this afternoon, I will be doing my new obsession. Walking. I have decided if I don't start to exercise, I will shrivel up and die. I am so out of shape it is awfull. I just could not take it anymore. I have been walking about a mile a day for 9 days now. It is pretty out so that means I can walk outside again. Woo hoo! I had a Dr. apt on March 20, and when they weighed me, I almost fainted. Uugghh. I have another apt for April 24, and I am determined to have lost at least one pound by then. I am happy with my walking, because it is getting easier each day. Soon I will have more energy. Yay! Well gotta run and get busy with knitting and walking and homemaking. Haha have a great day!


aloicious said...

That is tooooo AWESOME, Donna...I am soooo proud of you...I will have to come down and walk with you one of these days...and you are right...It's walkin' weather right now...Miss You!!! See you Saturday.

Kenny said...

You need to teach me to be a bargain princess.