Friday, May 12

Friday again!

Wow these Friday really sneak up on ya huh? That means it is time for ZYX along brought to you this week by the letter "J". J is for Jealous. That is what you may want to be when I tell you I have nothing to do today but knit knit and more knit! Sometimes being a housewife has its perks. The laundry is done, so is the vacuuming and dusting, no dishes to wash, and it is rainy so no grass to mow. Just me TV and knitting. But knitting for my wonderful husband who works so hard to make days like this possible for me. I am making him toe up socks with trekking. So cool looking already. Updates later! Toodles!

1 comment:

Heather said...

Jealous of the knitting day? Yes but we love you anyway! LOL!